TensorTime has moved!

Effective immediately, this blog has moved to


so update your bookmarks and follower status. I have already ostensibly migrated all of this blog’s followers to the new blog, and it was spectacularly easy to do thanks to the WordPress tools. If anyone finds they are not still following the new blog, please let me know or just follow the new one as you see fit.

This site, hosted on WordPress.com, will not be updated and will eventually be deleted.

I made the move because I need to be able to embed GlowScript and Trinket programs and this is forbidden in blogs hosted on wordpress.com, and for understandable reasons. The blog is now hosted on a subdomain of my own website. You may find the site slower than wordpress.com and if you do, please let me know and I’ll see what I can do about it.

All LaTeX embedded in posts should render correctly on the new site. After a lot of experimentation, I have found a fantastic LaTeX plugin for WordPress that allows for using external packages and eventually I will implement it retroactively on all existing posts.

Thanks to all my readers and followers for making this project worthwhile to me, and I’ll see you at the new site!


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